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As we enter the autumn of 2021, we are energized by the resilience we see around us, and we are inspired by the loyalty our clients have shown us for over one hundred years. It is with pride and excitement that we announce the opening of our new Paris Salons and share with you the history behind our company's business presence since its creation.

At the beginning of the twentieth century when Madeleine and Daniel Porthault married, they formed a visionary duo to create, produce and sell linens of unprecedented quality and style. Daniel took care of production while Madeleine was in charge of the design studio, becoming the ambassador of D. Porthault.

Driven by a desire to realize the most beautiful linens for their customers' homes, the Porthaults wished to establish an environment where designer, seamstress and client could experience together the process and spirit behind their products.  From then on, the House of D. Porthault has been distinguished as an organization whose objective is to include their clients in their creations.

The crafts people, whose meticulousness required a calm environment, worked in the countryside not far from the Porthaults’ weaving and printing workshops in Rieux and Argentan.  The designers, on the other hand, worked in Paris, where they were inspired by the creative energy of the city and were close to their customers.

In 1924, the Paris offices were located on one floor at 15, rue de la Grange Batelière in an area of the 9th arrondissement historically associated with textiles. Madeleine Porthault traveled to the Palace Hotels where she would establish herself in a suite with armoires filled with the latest lace, linens and embroidery from D. Porthault. By invitation, customers came to visit her and place their orders.

To accommodate their growing business, the Porthaults purchased a building at 18, rue de la Grange Batelière in 1934; four years later, they joined that space with their purchase of No.16 next door, giving them a total of 800 square meters on several floors where the various activities of design, sales administration and stock could be combined.

Responding to their clients’ desire to discover the company's creations in an environment as unique and confidential as a Palace Hotel suite, Madeleine and Daniel created magnificent showrooms on the first floor of 16-18, rue de la Grange Batelière next to their design studio and offices.  These showrooms consisted of three grand salons with fireplaces, woodwork and moldings.  The walls were lined with shelves and drawers, and in the center of each room tables were placed to unfold and display the linens before their customers.  A last small salon was converted into a bedroom entirely decorated with D. Porthault creations.

Immediately, the Porthault salons became a destination for many clients including the Duchess of Windsor, Barbara Hutton, members of the de Rothschild family, Louise de Vilmorin, Pamela Churchill-Harriman, Rachel Lambert Mellon and Gloria Vanderbilt. Away from the hustle and bustle of the stores and busy streets, the Porthaults created an intimate refuge of creative abundance, where one could spend hours dreaming, creating and feeling at home.

During these years, Madeleine Porthault also traveled to the United States at the urging of her many American friends.  She would spend at least one month a year receiving her clients, by invitation, in her suite overlooking New York City’s Central Park at the elegant Sherry-Netherland hotel.

In 1948, encouraged by the growth of their business, Madeleine and Daniel Porthault opened their first showroom in NYC on the floor above the new Baccarat store at 55 East 57th Street.  It was in this showroom that Madeleine sold Marylin Monroe her pink Coeurs printed linens!

In 1954, due to the increasing demands of their US customers, the Porthaults moved to larger spaces on the ground and first floors of 57 East 57th Street in NYC.  Starting in 1959, this move also allowed them to promote the international tradition of semi-annual white sales.

The Porthaults established their first Parisian boutique in 1955 at 18, avenue Montaigne where, at the time, only Christian Dior's business was housed among numerous private mansions. On avenue Montaigne, D. Porthault’s customers shopped for stock and discovered treasures during the white sales; while at 16-18, rue de la Grange Batelière, Madeleine continued to receive private clients and interior designers for exceptional creations in Porthault’s Salons Privés.




True to our inspiring heritage, we are delighted to be able to welcome you to the next chapter in our company's history in Paris, where all of the magic began!  D. Porthault now occupies the entire first floor of 45, avenue Marceau, a beautifully renovated building in the Golden Triangle, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

In our new Salons Privés you will discover our design studio and the same elegant environment that Madeleine Porthault imagined years ago. The high ceilings, many windows, fireplaces and classical moldings infuse the rooms with light and evoke the grace and sophistication of the House.  Separate salons display and stock linens for the table, bed and bath; and lingerie, accessories and a special lounge for the universe of baby and children await you.

After one hundred years of existence, we are proud to continue Porthault’s legacy that tells our story, inspires our contemporary creations and showcases the exquisite linens and accessories for which we have always been known.

Together with the launch of our new online store, our new Salons Privés at 45, avenue Marceau warmly await you!