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Designed in the 1950s, Marguerites captures the sense of whimsy and the love of bright, over-scaled prints found in that period.

In fashion as well as in home décor, bold, large florals – often with clear color-blocking –were popular in mid-20th century Europe and the U.S.

 Originally printed on linen, and then on cotton percale when D. Porthault introduced that fabric for bedding, the bold and playful daisies in the Marguerites design made it a favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy for her homes in Palm Beach and Hyannis Port (and was even reflected in her tableware- pictured below!).

Marguerites is an example of an all-over, non-directional print that celebrates both color and the most enduring design element in Porthault’s portfolio – a floral.  Here, the normally sweet daisy – always a symbol of innocence and purity – gains confidence as a positive assertion of abundance, happiness and new beginnings.


Pictured: Images from Christopher Spitzmiller's lovely home. Follow him @christopherspitzmiller