Pet Bed - Trèfles Blue Large

Pet Bed - Trèfles Blue Large


Pet bed in iconic Trèfles blue print in cotton percale covering. Please note that percale cover is not waterproof. Percale cover can be removed with zipper and machine washed. The bed is filled with high quality fiberfill and is rated to last three times longer than standard fiberfill options, while maintaining a downy feeling for extra comfort.

Size: Large: 28"x 28"x7" (up to 35 lbs)

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1. Before washing, remove excess hair
2. Unzip the cover and remove the insert
3. Close zipper on cover before washing
4. Wash cover on Delicate Cycle with Cold Water, use mild detergent such as Woolite
5. Line Dry Only (Placing the cover in the dryer or using hot water could cause the fabric to shrink and/or fade)
6. Wash Only as Needed

It is not recommended to wash the stuffing.

1. Once the cover is washed and completely dry you are ready to stuff the bed
2. Start by stuffing the Front Bolster first as this will be the hardest one to stuff.  Make sure to push the corners of the insert into the corners of the bed cover. Zip Shut
3. Stuff the side & back bolsters in, again making sure the corners are pushed into the corners of the cover. Zip each one shut before putting the next one in.
4. Lastly, you will put the seat insert in making sure to push the insert into the corners of the cover. Zip Shut

If the fiberfill insert was soiled you can wash it.  You will want to first staple or sew the zipper closed so it will not come unzipped during the wash.  Wash the insert in cold/warm water with detergent.  Place in the dryer on a delicate setting with 3 tennis balls. The tennis balls will keep the insert fluffed while drying to prevent clumping.  Remove from the dryer and if still damp let air dry.  If you have a large insert which will not fit into the washer/dryer then you can remove some of the fiberfill until it will fit and put the fiberfill you removed into a dedicates washable laundry bag.