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Les Coeurs is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and well-loved prints ever designed by D. Porthault.


 The Hearts design was created in the early 1950’s when the Duchess of Windsor asked Madeleine Porthault to design custom linens for the Windsors’ château in Neuilly-sur-Seine outside of Paris.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor (pictured) wanted to express their commitment to each other, and the simple yet meaningful lines forming Madeleine’s hearts were designed to symbolize that union.

 At first glance, one sees scattered hearts in Les Coeurs; on second glance, one recognizes that each heart’s outline forms a “W” for the House of Windsor;  and at closer inspection one understands that some hearts could represent a “W” for Wallis and others an “E” for Edward.

The Windsors’ romance captivated the world, and for D. Porthault Les Coeurs continues to represent the power of love.  Today, we incorporate this motif on linens for the bed, bath and table, as well as on handkerchiefs, guest towels, cocktail napkins and sachets. Les Coeurs has been printed in a variety of colorations over the years and is currently available in pink, blue, turquoise and lavender.