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August 2009
UK Press Release

Tim Gosling and D. Porthault

Gosling - the London based luxury furniture company - combines classical inspiration and craftsmanship in its bespoke work. Owner and creative director Tim Gosling has established an international reputation for the quality and uniqueness of his work.  Gosling's Lit d'enfant, commissioned by the luxury French linen house D. Porthault, was inspired by the designs of Fabergé and the shell motifs of Versailles, and took over nine months to construct.

In order to create strength, hundreds of pieces of birchwood were laminated together before the piece was hand-carved. The crib was then treated with a pink under-bole, coated in gesso, and finally water-gilded and burnished.

"There is no question that this is a truly magnificent piece," said Tim. "The sheer quality of the craftsmanship and materials employed in the crib's construction allow the piece to sparkle like a jewel. It is amazing to think that this has been created in the 21st century when such skills are at risk of vanishing.

"This was a perfect collaboration," continued Gosling, "because D. Porthault values craftsmanship and quality as much as we do. Their artisans designed and produced exquisite linens for the crib. I was pleased to be able to work with this magnificent house of fine linens, where no detail is overlooked and true luxury is cherished."