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New York Mille Fleurs, a beloved D. Porthault print, was designed following one of Madeleine Porthault’s trips to New York City in the early 1950s. 

 Inspired by the vibrancy of life and color in New York - and captivated by the red sports cars and yellow taxi cabs she saw buzzing through the City –  Madeleine Porthault commissioned New York Mille Fleurs upon her return to France.

Madeleine noted the contrast between the scene in NYC and that in her post-war Paris, where the cars were black and the mood was more somber. Combining her love of gardens and art and color, Madeleine Porthault envisioned New York Mille Fleurs as both a tribute to her American friends and a reflection of the emerging optimism in her own country.


As one of the first prints designed specifically for the US market, New York Mille Fleurs quickly became popular on both continents - celebrating color, joy, and rebirth.

New York Mille Fleurs remains a classic today, and D. Porthault has incorporated this iconic design – now printed in three colorways - in towels, robes, handkerchiefs and accessories as well as bed linens. 




Pictured: Vintage D. Porthault New York Mille Fleurs ad

Pictured: Actress Natalie Wood with New York Mille Fleurs bedding


 Pictured: New York Mille Fleurs bedding in our boutique today