• Architectural Digest- December 2016

    Architectural Digest- December 2016

    Arch Digest features D. PORTHAULT'S pink and green hand-embroidered Mers de Chine napkin in this stunning spread in their December issue! "A Grand Gesture" article shows ideas of unforgettable and opulent gifts for the most splendid of tables!

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  • Elle Decor- October 2016

    Elle Decor- October 2016

    The October issue of Elle Decor features the Long Island home of fashion designer Veronica Swanson Beard. The master bedroom has D. PORTHAULT Yellow Carnations mixed with our cheerful Pointillé Rose vintage floral. To view the article at Elle Decor online, click here

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  • Architectural Digest- October 2016

    Architectural Digest- October 2016

    D. PORTHAULT'S vintage Coquelicots pattern is shown in the magnificent 18th century chateau of Flores de Brantes in the October issue of Architectural Digest. To view the article online at Architectural Digest, click here

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  • House Beautiful- September 2016

    House Beautiful- September 2016

    Designer Celerie Kemble of Kemble Interiors is featured in the September issue of House Beautiful. Among her list of favorite colorful go-to's is the D. PORTHAULT Demoiselles pink scalloped boudoir sham.

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  • Elle Decor- June 2016

    Elle Decor- June 2016

    D. PORTHAULT is featured in an East Hampton home decorated by Celerie Kemble of Kemble Interiors in the June issue of Elle Decor. The bathroom features Tigre grey towels and the master bed room features a variety of shams including Jete de Fleurs DP blue and solid white shams with...

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  • Architectural Digest- February 2016

    Architectural Digest- February 2016

    The Aspen home of designer Pauline Pitt features D. PORTHAULT'S Tigre Turquoise pillow shams in the lovely master bedroom. To view the article on Architectural Digest online, click here.

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  • House Beautiful- Dec/Jan 2016

    House Beautiful- Dec/Jan 2016

    D. PORTHAULT Constellation cocktail napkins are suggested as a perfect holiday gift in the December/January issue of House Beautiful in a holiday party spread by A-list event designer Bryan Rafanelli.

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  • Architectural Digest Online

    Architectural Digest Online

    D. PORTHAULT Guirlande de Lierre gold cocktail napkins are featured as a perfect hostess gift in the Architectural Digest online gift guide.

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  • Palm Beach Chic Book

    Palm Beach Chic Book

    Palm Beach Chic by Jennifer Ash Rudick (released October 6th, 2015) features D. PORTHAULT Fragrance pink terry towels alongside a custom monogrammed white bath mat with pink scalloped edges in the beautiful Palm Beach home of Harry and Laura Slatkin, decorated by Leta Austin Foster.

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  • House Beautiful- November 2015

    House Beautiful- November 2015

    D. PORTHAULT linens are featured in the November issue of House Beautiful in a Westchester County home decorated by interior designer (and Porthault fan!) Ashley Whittaker. Featured are our Bouquet Eclaté blue terry towels and Jeté de Fleurs pink boudoir shams. View the article online.

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  • Palm Beach Chic Book

    Palm Beach Chic Book

    Palm Beach Chic by Jennifer Ash Rudick (released October 6th, 2015) features D. PORTHAULT Confettis blue placemat/napkin sets in the Palm Beach home of famed designer Lily Pulitzer. The blue dot design adds a touch of whimsy to the beautifully decorated outdoor dining area.

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  • Veranda- Sept/Oct 2015

    Veranda- Sept/Oct 2015

    D. PORTHAULT Chevron Damask bedding is featured in the September/October issue of Veranda magazine in a Chicago townhouse decorated by interior designer Alessandra Branca. Please contact our New York store for inquiries about this design.

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  • Architectural Digest- Sept 2015

    Architectural Digest- Sept 2015

    The Connecticut home of Edie Parker founder Brett Hayman, features D. PORTHAULT Coeurs pink bed linens in her daughter's room. The Marc Cunningham decorated home is shown in the September issue of Architectural Digest.

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  • Architectural Digest- September 2015

    Architectural Digest- September 2015

    D. PORTHAULT'S classic Dahlia and Deauville stripe prints are shown in the Paris apartment of Christian Dior PR executive Mathilde Favier-Meyer.

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  • Vanity Fair- September 2015

    Vanity Fair- September 2015

    Edie Parker designer and company founder, Brett Hayman mentions D. PORTHAULT Peacock blue sheets as one of her favorite items in the September issue of Vanity Fair.

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  • Architectural Digest- August 2015

    Architectural Digest- August 2015

    D. PORTHAULT'S new Mariage print designed by acclaimed floral designer Jeff Leatham, is featured in the Most Wanted section of August’s Architectural Digest. Available in our New York store on August 5th!

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  • Veranda- July/August 2015

    Veranda- July/August 2015

    Veranda Magazine's selected Mood of the Moment is a vibrant, happy citrus shade that is highlighted in D. PORTHAULT'S Confettis Coral cocktail napkins as seen in the July/August issue.

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  • Architectural Digest Online- July 2015

    Architectural Digest Online- July 2015

    D. PORTHAULT'S new blue/green recoloration of NY Mille Fleurs is shown online at ArchitecturalDigest.com in their “Essentials For the Perfect Bed” roundup featuring the best bedding on the market.

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  • Architectural Digest- July 2015

    Architectural Digest- July 2015

    D. PORTHAULT'S solid white towels with blue scalloped edges are shown in the Hudson Valley home of lighting designer Christopher Spitzmiller in the July issue of Architectural Digest.

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  • Victoria Magazine- July/Aug 2015

    Victoria Magazine- July/Aug 2015

    The July/August issue of Victoria Magazine features D. PORTHAULT'S  Bouquet Eclaté pink and Lacet pink bedding in their cheerful “Simply Summer” story.

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  • House Beautiful- May 2015

    House Beautiful- May 2015

    D. PORTHAULT'S Blue Carnation bed linens are featured in the beautiful New York apartment of Justine Cushing. To view the article online, please click here.

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